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WIL: WILDERNESS HOLDINGS LIMITED - Trading Statement for the half year ended 31 August 2018

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AGM Results 2018

AGM Results
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Signed AGM Minutes 2018

Signed AGM Minutes 2018
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Connecting you to the wilderness” is the value proposition of Wilderness Air.

In operation since 1991, and with an impeccable safety record, Wilderness Air offers daily circuits between Wilderness camps and also a private charter service using a varied fleet of light aircraft. These aircraft are perfectly suited to operating in remote conditions and include the Cessna 206, the Cessna 210 and the Cessna 208B (Grand Caravan), Cessna F406 and Airvan chosen for their ability to transport visitors to wilderness destinations with short, dirt-surfaced landing strips.

All these aircraft types differ in their characteristics and are uniquely suited to different types of journey, varying group sizes, and clients with different personal needs. The fleet operates on a circuit basis; however Wilderness Air can also provide charter flights for tailor-made journeys.

Wilderness Air is based in Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe and operates some 35 aircraft.

The service offered by Wilderness Air is more than a simple connection however; rather the aerial transfers between camps allow a totally different impression and appreciation of the country below. From the densely-matted papyrus flanked waterways of the Okavango Delta and their secretive sitatunga inhabitants, to the bizarre, unexplained fairy circles of the Namib Desert and the dambos and floodplains of Zambia, all yield a new perspective when viewed from above.