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WIL: WILDERNESS HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealing in Securities by Associate of a Director

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WIL: WILDERNESS HOLDINGS LIMITED - Dealing in Securities by Directors and Management of the Company

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WIL: WILDERNESS HOLDINGS LIMITED - Clarification of the rate for the conversion of the offer consideration due to S/h with shares registered on the JSE

31 May 2019 Read More
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At Wilderness Safaris, our delight is to share the wild places of Africa with our guests, while our ultimate goal is to help make a difference to Africa, its people and its wildlife. As a guest, you are helping us to do so: At least 5% of Wilderness Safaris’ gross profit (before taxation and depreciation) is spent on conservation efforts.

There is much more that needs to be done, however, which is why, some 20 years ago, we created the Wilderness Wildlife Trust, an independent entity that supports a wide variety of wildlife management, research and education projects throughout Africa. These projects address the needs of our wildlife, seek solutions to save threatened species and provide education and training for local communities. This has made our journey more meaningful and we’ve reached more people and places than before.

Conservation of animals and plants is only as strong as the people who live in their vicinity. If they’re not interested, protection is likely to exist only on paper. That’s why Africa’s future lies in her children, and why our pride and joy is our Children in the Wilderness programme, which aims to educate the youth of Africa, inspiring and helping them to appreciate and thus protect their magnificent natural heritage.

Every year, we close some of our camps for a week at a time and groups of 16 to 25 children between the ages of 10 and 14 are hosted here, given the opportunity to experience these wilderness areas and their wildlife. During camp, the curriculum covers environmental education, HIV/ AIDS and nutrition and life skills, and the importance of conservation. No less importantly, throughout the year, Eco-Clubs are held at the local schools (i.e., schools situated near Wilderness Safaris areas), where we can visit the children in their own environment, providing opportunities for all learners who are interested in the environment to meet, learn, discuss and expand their knowledge of their natural heritage.

Our guests and investors can be proud to be part of this life-changing journey.